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What is this site?

This site is intended, primarily, as a showcase for my own personal portfolio, but in some respects, is itself a part of that portfolio (I'm so "meta"). It is often a sandbox for crazy ideas that I want to try out (so, if things are, at times, acting a little wonky—that's probably just me playing around!). As such, it is not the be-all-end-all of a perfectly polished site; the SEO is a little lacking as is the cross-browser support (hello IE!).

This site is also intended as a showcase for the flexibility of MODX as a content management system and the power of the jQuery JavaScript library. MODX really is a web designer's dream CMS—if it can be done on the web, it can be done in MODX (usually easier). Combine MODX with jQuery and you have a real powerhouse for flexible, efficient, easily-managed web development.

Don't want to mess with JavaScript? Have an older browser? Just curious? You're a search engine robot that just wants me for my content? (You robots are all alike.) You can enter the flat version of the site: here.

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