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July 2011

Website: Inter Urban Studios


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After a few months with their site (see below), the client decided on some changes for the site's design. Namely, the logo was updated slightly, a new font was selected, and the background image was removed to give the site a "cleaner" look and further emphasize the content—especially the photos on the Projects page. View Website in New Window…

Summer 2011

Logo: Houston Arts Foundation

Graphic Design, Illustrator

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Based off of the client's vision, this logo was designed to be colorful, energetic, and evoke the arts. It was designed primarily for full-color viewing on websites along with the occasional mailer or flier, although grayscale and monochrome versions were also created should the need arise.

March 2011

User Interface: Notice Technologies

CSS, jQuery, HTML, Photoshop

A quick overhaul of the user interface for the "Outlaw" web application. The software allows a company to easily see and take action on all feedback generated on a Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube presence. Cool stuff! View the Outlaw Information Page in a New Window…

November–December 2010

Web Programming: Citizens for Affordable Energy

PHP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, ModX

I teamed up with emingus designs for this monster site. Elaine worked primarily on the design and content migration while I handled installing and setting up ModX and doing all back-end coding.

When all was said-and-done, the site included user registration and login with multiple levels of membership, forums, news and video blogs, content tagging, merchant account integration for donations and paid memberships, polls, and more. View the site in a new window...

December 2010

Website: Inter Urban Studios

Graphic Design, MODx, PHP, jQuery

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This is a website for an architectural firm in London. The design features a random project image used as a stretched background; simple but powerful. Built into the site is the ability for the client to easily add pages for new projects each with a dynamic, JavaScript-based image gallery.

Site Updated: July 2011. See above.

December 2010

Street Banner: Left to Right: Radical Movements of the 1960s

Graphic Design

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The street banner advertising the Left to Right exhibit at the LBJ Library and Museum. The exhibit runs April 2, 2011 through January 2, 2012.

Dimensions: 24'3.5" x 6'0"

December 2010

Logo: Left to Right: Radical Movements of the 1960s

Graphic Design

A logo created for an exhibit at the LBJ Library and Museum running April 2, 2011 through January 2, 2012. This is all vector-based, for anyone interested.

One of the main ideas that managed to capture all of the disperate movements of the 1960s were the buttons that seemed to be in abundance for everything from Women's rights to environmental awareness. Other designs featuring the logo will put it more in context by feature a sampling of some of these slogan buttons.